Tyvek® vs Proshield®


The brand name Tyvek® for coveralls is like Kleenex® for tissues in that consumers have adopted the brand in reference to the type of product.  Many times consumers use Tyvek® coveralls for light jobs (such as protection from grease, dirt and grime and maybe light liquid like a little oil) when Tyvek® is usually overkill.  When the wrong type of coverall is used, users may experience overheating and general discomfort. Though Tyvek® suits are liquid proof, they are better suited for messy paint jobs, steam cleaning, or cleaning up a potentially hazardous liquid spill or body fluids.

DuPont™ makes the Proshield® suit as well as Tyvek®. While Tyvek® has its place, consider the Proshield® suit the next time you are buying coveralls for your light duty jobs. Proshield® is “optimized for comfort, softness, and breathability“. If there is a need for both types of coveralls, we suggest that you buy blue Proshield® suits for everyday use, and the traditional white Tyvek® suits to use when needed. Many businesses really like this solution as a cost cutting measure.

If you are interested in testing either of these out for yourself feel free to request a quote from us or call for more information


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